20 Best Christmas Nail Designs of 2019 – Holiday Nail Art Ideas

As soon as Halloween is over, I’m in full-on Christmas mode. Like, I start playing holiday music on repeat, watching Elf non-stop, and living in my coziest sweaters. And you know what else I love to switch up once it gets colder? My nails—I looove matching my mani with the season (I’m working my way through some fall nail trends RN). And because I know I’m not alone, I stalked Insta for the best Christmas nail designs to get you ready for the holiday season. Ahead, 20 non-basic ideas to get you hype for December 25th.

1. This Red and Gold Christmas Nail Design

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‘Tis the season to paint your nails pale pink and with bright red tips. Don’t forget to add some minimalist gold lines to finish off the look.

2. This Ornament Christmas Nail Design

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Keep your Christmas nail design simple and really damn cute by decorating each nail with iconic Christmas symbols.

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I mean, how cute are these mistletoe nails? I’m obsessed. And the best part about this design? It’s super easy to pull off, no matter how long your nails are.

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If you can’t draw detailed candy canes on your nails (tbh, who can??), try out this easy candy cane-inspired look. With a combo of glitter and red and white stripes, you’re going to want to keep these on your fingers all year ’round.

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Not down to rock a bold Christmas hue? Don’t worry—this Christmas nail design is perfect for you. The muted colors give off a chill vibe, but the reindeer design shows that you’re still very much into the holiday season.

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This red nail candy cane Christmas design is so cute, as long as you don’t go overboard. I recommend painting candy canes on three of your fingers—otherwise it’ll look too extra.

7. This Red and White Snowflake Christmas Nail Design

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A white Christmas might not be a thing where you live, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some snowflakes onto your nails to get you in the holiday mood. Paint your nails red first, let the polish dry completely, then add on the snowflakes.

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Instead of doing a basic five-point star on your nails, try out this star Christmas nail design instead. Not only is it gorgeous, but the glitter polish also adds a nice sparkle.

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My favorite movie is Madagascar—those penguins are the best animated characters ever, IMO—so I’m definitely getting these on my nails come Christmas. Penguins plus Santa hats—who could resist?

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Go for a more colorful look with this Christmas nail design. The abstract Christmas tree plus the glitter studs make for an eye-catching holiday nail look.

11. This Santa’s Sleigh Christmas Nail Design

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Bring Santa’s Christmas Eve ride onto your nails with this extremely detailed sleigh design. You probably won’t be able to do this one on your own, so take a screenshot and bring it to your nail salon for a pro to do.

12. This Mr. and Mrs. Claus Christmas Nail Design

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Who wouldn’t want this jolly and cheerful couple on their nails? It’s the perfect mani design to wear at your office holiday party this year, plus they’re the cutest couple ever (sorry, JLO and ARod!).

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Mr. Grinch is a mean one, but he’ll look really good on your nails this winter as you binge Christmas movies on TV.

14. This Winter Wonderland Christmas Nail Design

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This Christmas nail design actually looks like a work of art on your fingers. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and perfectly designed. If you can recreate this on your nails by yourself, you should quit your day job because you’re basically Van Gogh.

15. This Snowflake and Reindeer Christmas Nail Design

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Pastels are perfect for winter, and these colors combined with the reindeer in a sweater design will for sure get you into a cozy holiday spirit.

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No, you don’t have to give up your classic French manicure to get in the holiday spirit. Add on a mistletoe in the corner of each nail and you’re instantly Christmas ready.

17. This Christmas Sweater Christmas Nail Design

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Most Christmas sweater prints leave a lot to be desired (aka they’re ugly), but these nail designs are just perfect. Unless you have super steady hands, pop on pre-painted decals (you can find them on Amazon) to speed up the process.

Recreate it with: Christmas Nail Decals

18. This Ultra-Glittery Christmas Nail Design

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Idk about you, but the holidays instantly make me think of glitter. Get your shine on with this super fun, glitter-filled Christmas nail design.

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This nail design is basically “The 12 Days of Christmas” come to life. If turtle doves aren’t your thing, pick one of the other days to recreate on your nails.

Recreate it with: Essie Nail Polish in Marshmellow

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Everyone knows the best thing about Christmas are the presents!! JK, it’s friends and family, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, presents are great IRL, but they’re also really pretty on your manicure. Paint them onto the corner of your nails, or if you wanted to, you could recreate the full box on each nail.

Recreate it with: Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Polish in Solange Pixiedust

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