25 Cutest Animal Nail Art Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

Puppies and pandas aren’t the only animal nail art designs you can try! Check out these awesome ideas for your next manicure.

Although glammed up nails are all the rage these days, it’s always nice to get some cute animal nail art designs once in awhile. Or every day if you want!

Trying out these adorable creations can also be a bonding experience for you and your daughter or niece! They’ll definitely love having their favorite animals on their nails!

25 Cutest Animal Nail Art Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

I’ve always been enthusiastic with animals, in fact, I have a pet cat I love so much! It’s always fun to see cute nail designs of animals it always reminds me how fun and entertaining being a nail technician is.

From pandas to tigers, these cute animal nail art designs will surely catch animal lovers’ attention. Take out your nail art kit and pick the cutest design to try on this list!

1. Moustache Cat

Who can resist super adorable cats with mustaches and crowns? Learn how to make them here!

2. Cute Cat With Yarn

Another cute thing about cats? Their love for balls and yarns! Here’s one design with both a kitty’s face together with balls of yarns!

3. Kitty Cat Nail Art

I just can’t get enough of cute kittens! Here’s another one you can try and recreate with this tutorial!

4. Black Cat

Looking for the best costume for Halloween? This black cat will be perfect for a witch’s outfit!

5. Kawaii Animal Nail Art

Get all your favorite animals on your nails with this super kawaii animal nail art!

6. Dog With Bone

Another animal that’s as cute as cats are dogs! You can try this design on yourself, just follow the tutorial here.

7. Smart Dog

Animals are very clever and smart! This design shows a nerdy dog in all its glory!

8. Panda And Bamboo

Everyone loves pandas! Here’s one with its favorite meal – bamboos! Try it on your nails as well with this cool video.

9. Black And White Sheep

If you loved Baba Blacksheep as a child, this is your chance to put him and his family on your nails. Learn how to make the sheep here.

10. 3D Giraffe

Be more adventurous with your animal nail art choice with this awesome 3D giraffe design! Curious about this design? Here’s the tutorial!

11. Cartoon Giraffe

3D nail designs aren’t your thing? Then you’ll love this cartoon depiction of the wild creature!

12. Pink Bunny

Rabbits are cute creatures! Make them more adorable with a pretty nail art!

13. Dainty Zebra

A zebra’s stripes are already something to behold. But making them dainty is something else entirely!

14. Tiger Nails

Once you get that beautiful orange tiger fur, then you’ll definitely fall head over heels with this animal nail art design!

15. Adorable Foxes

Another orange creature that would look perfectly adorable on your nails is a fox! Even better when there are 2!

16. Colorful Owls

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you might have developed a love for owls. While Hedwig was majestic, these colorful birds are also so cute!

On the other hand, if you love white owls, then check out this cute design from miiiiitasu:

A photo posted by omiitasu (@miiiiitasu) on

17. Owls On Branches

These owls resting on a branch are adorable, too!

18. Cow Spots

You’ll be moooo-ing your approval for this cow nail art design!

19. Peeping Penguin

This peeping penguin isn’t so sure about its cuteness. Let him know he’s adorable by recreating him on your fingernail!

20. Glammed Up Penguins

Now these two aren’t shy. Add some rhinestones on your design and you’ve got yourself some glammed up arctic birds!

21. Dumbo Nails

Disney films have a lot of adorable animals and one of the most famous is the flying elephant Dumbo!

22. Ladybugs

Bugs aren’t very attractive to some people. However, ladybugs definitely look beautiful with their black spots on their red bodies.

23. Pink Bear

Teddy bears are the best toys for babies. They’re also the best subjects for cute animal nail art designs – especially when they’re pink!  Check out the tutorial here.

24. Handpainted Sea Turtle

Sea turtles are such fascinating creatures! Since you can’t see them and pet them on a daily basis, an amazingly detailed nail art will have to do. Find out how it can be done here!

25. Unicorn Love

Unicorns may be mythical but they’re still adorable! Show some love for unicorns with this design!

Which ones caught made you squeal with glee? Learn how to make the Black Cat design from Cute Polish below!

Are you more into virtual monsters instead? Check out these Pokemon Go inspired nail designs next! Visit Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to get more nail art ideas!

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