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That is my entry for the following Top Nail Artist first project 80s empowered. Everything on this nail is painted by hand except for the gold stars being prefabricated together with hand carved performers that we made to ad a 3d effect

Step-by-Step Nail Art Tutorial

We utilized a prefabricated tip and painted your whole tip with black colored nail enamel. When that has been dry We blended neon different colored acrylic shows with a bit of white acrylic pain to get the desired colors and hand painted the zebra stripes and stars  

I wanted to accomplish a Madonna face so I discovered a pop art image of the lady on line and started initially to decorate the shape of her face with white acrylic paint. This Will Be my first time ever before attempting to decorate a face 🙂  

We completed her face (2 hours) after which painted 2 boxes that would house my rubix cube and cassette tape. I used white acrylic paint and outlined the boxes with black acrylic paint. This took around 4 coats of the white paint to get the look I Needed  

Next We painted the cassette tape and rubix cuce into the white bins and painted some songs notes in the bottom across performers ( I later on removed the music records from the design)  

After that we included a third white package once more utilizing white acrylic paint slightly overlapping the rubix cube and cassette tape cardboard boxes. Here you notice one layer associated with white paint for the field. Used To Do 3 more coats  

Right Here I hand painted the Nintendo controller in to the third white box  

This picture is an in depth up for the rubix cube, cassette tape ( with madonnas title), the Nintendo controller and Madonnas face. Now We desided to paint within the songs records and I performed so with black polish  

I wanted to make some 3d performers thus I utilized neon acrylics and placed all of them on a form for simple removal. I made them sizes making all of them level.  

Once the acrylic had been hardened we eliminated all of them through the type and utilized a pensil to outline the shapr of a star to guide me personally reducing the shapes. We utilized a carbide bit and cut right out the stars and utilized black acrylic paint to describe the performers or include a black overview of a star in the centre  

In order to complete from the nail I top coated with a definite polish and utilized nail glue to attatch the various stars that I made by hand with some prefabricated gold stars for a very good 3d impact. Then I included some clear polish to your movie stars to make them shine such as the rest of the nail and VOILA. My 80s Inspired nail art. Complete time from beginning to end 5.5 hours broken up between days  



O_O; i am pretty sure you merely set the bar the competition. That’s amazing, haha my Madonna seems therefore puny today!
It was therefore awesome that my phone actually couldn’t handle it and restarted it self! Real tale. LIKE IT! =D
thanks women so much. im therefore stressed lol. there are so many tallented ladies in your competitors. the judges have their particular work cut right out for them
Wow!!! Speak About talent! Yoi are a genuine artist but rather of painting on a large Canvas ( i think that is what they truly are called), u paint on
a little nail, given that’s a genuine Masterpiece!!!!!!

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