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Kick-starting the holiday season with this particular delicate Holiday nail art! As a base with this design I utilized the gorgeous classic red Diorific Lively through the brand-new Dior getaway 2018 collection. To create from silver shimmer associated with polish we included white getaway themed habits. This, actually, had been the simplest section of this manicure – thank heaven for the brand-new xmas stickers!

To create the intricate getaway habits I utilized white and stickers and gold stickers and tiny gold studs to include a touch festive glow. Even though, at the beginning I did not have a definite concept for the design, at the conclusion all of it worked out beautifully and I’m very happy with this particular Holiday nail art!

That’s the fantastic good thing about the SoNailicious Stickers – even although you have actually an innovative block, you’d still be able to perform a fantastic nail design – the sticker habits can do the job available! All that’s necessary should choose the perfect base for your manicure. And here you have 100percent creative freedom! Because all SoNailicious Stickers tend to be opaque adequate to use on any colour.

Whether you utilize dark blue, pink or red polish – the complex white habits will remain white and silver will remain silver! Have you ever attempted to paint white snowflakes over dark polish? Then you understand the challenge is genuine and you may appreciate the supreme opacity of these white Christmas time stickers.

Ok, that is enough about stickers 😉 I place lots of idea into building this brand-new sticker range and clearly, I’m very proud of the result! If you’ve already attempted all of them, you know how great they truly are. Today without further ado…

Let’s go to how-to!


Now, to you!

So, how do you like this fine getaway nail art?

Would you test out colours for your vacation manicures or prefer to use the conventional Christmas time colour palette?

– Maria, xx

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