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Sinaloan cartel frontrunner Joaquín Guzmán, understood more commonly as El Chapo, currently sits in solitary confinement at a high-security prison in Manhattan, in which a judge denied his needs for outside workout on suspicion Guzmán might try to escape—again. Before Mexico extradited him into U.S. to face medication trafficking charges in 2017, Guzmán famously managed to flee prison in Mexico two times, and now deals with life in jail.

Guzmán’s notorious double prison escape cemented his standing as a narcocultural symbol and neighborhood legend inside the house condition of Sinaloa, in which admirers revere him as sort of benevolent overlord, a Robin Hood figure whom gave money towards the poor and kept the roads safe. Though their appropriate fate is sealed, the memory of El Chapo lives on in dedicated followers across parts of Latin America and also the U.S, and, for progressively more ladies in Southern Ca, the medicine lord continues to be enshrined in their fingernails.


Photo courtesy Yulie Gonzalez

The origin of this El Chapo manicure is significantly of a legend itself, one which starts with Ana Guajardo, owner of Cha Cha Covers, a pop culture–inspired nail decal business. “I’m someone who’s for ages been interested in pop culture and cultural iconography that features to do with the tradition I was raised with, specifically my Mexican-American roots,” Guajardo stated. Guajardo spent my youth in El Paso, Tx close to the edge between your usa and Ciudad Juárez, where she stated narcoculture loomed huge in her consciousness. “we spent my youth becoming very conscious of cartelism, all that. El Paso-Juarez is a big element of my upbringing.”

Guajardo launched her web store in 2012 within height of the nail art craze, selling nail decals with images of Frida Kahlo, La Virgen de Guadalupe, alongside similar numbers of Mexican cultural iconography. The woman unique designs caught the interest of Mexican rapper Ms Krazie, which contacted Guajardo with a unique obtain custom El Chapo nail decals. Ms Krazie later on published an image of her El Chapo manicure on Instagram, producing a viral trend. Yulie Gonzalez, a nail artist in Ontario, Ca, said she was overwhelmed with demands for Chapo manicure after publishing a photograph of the woman work for beauty influencer Jenny Ruiz. “It just totally took off,” Gonzalez said. “It’s different. This is not nail art that one may enter any beauty salon and get, ‘Can I get a Chapo nail ready?’ it is simply a thing that grabs individuals attention, and it is something that not everybody does, or perhaps not everyone provides.”


Photo courtesy Yulie Gonzalez

Like El Chapo himself, the popular manicure trend normally a consistent source of debate. Guajardo regularly areas issues on social media from experts who state the Chapo nail decals glamorize the life span and crimes of a ruthless mass murderer, but for numerous fans for the Chapo manicure, their nefarious reputation is part of this attraction. “Narco style is huge. It is these types of an integral part of our tradition, it really is so woven into our cultural material as Mexicans,” Guajardo stated. “The reality is that is the Mexico we’re dealing with now.”

for other individuals disrupted by Guzmán’s persistent social presence, the Chapo manicure serves as a symbolic motion of dissent. Ofelia “Alexia” Almeraz started offering El Chapo-inspired manicures at her Southern Gate, Ca beauty salon in 2015 after she found out about his 2nd escape from prison. “I thought, ‘i will need to encapsulate him in another of my styles, and then he won’t getting away from here.'” Almeraz gets daily requests for Chapo manicure, and although few clients are because politically inspired, Almeraz is happy to help the girl customers feel stunning despite their particular views. “i am extremely pleased that my concept has taken countless communities collectively within my salon,” she stated.


Photo by Yulie Gonzalez

Guajardo takes a likewise natural stance with regards to customers’ needs for El Chapo decals, or other styles featuring cartel numbers like Pablo Escobar, but she feels the woman nail designs utilize clients’ deep desire to connect—with a residential area, with an identity, or simply just a pop culture minute. “your whole useful iconography and components of our culture developing up, the thing that makes us feel gorgeous or powerful, I’m constantly attempting to make use of those photos,” Guajardo stated.

In communities dominated by pop culture photos of larger-than-life, narco-famous men, nails could become a subversive fabric that will pay homage to beauty and womanliness, co-opting and changing male-dominated looks and cultural narratives. The picture of a convicted drug lord encircled in rhinestones could be jarring for some, but other people feels it really is a form of social iconography symbolizing the countless contradictions of El Chapo idolatry and Mexican-American identification. “For my consumers, personally i think like they could express themselves through-nail art. It really is part of the way they identify by themselves, plus some from it is extremely cultural,” stated Gonzalez.

“These photos are very powerful, also to see yourself mirrored in products that you are able to apply the human body is really crucial. I’m constantly wanting to satisfy that, be it somewhat scandalous or controversial, or simply just beautiful,” Guajardo stated. “If a person really wants to wear it, it generates all of them feel just what it will make them feel. More capacity to you and your personal phrase.”

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