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Victoria’s key style programs of years past herald angelic guidelines.

“The strong colors incorporated in the past couple of Victoria’s key manner programs––especially final year’s motif, Nomadic Adventure––inspired myself. The tribal habits and unique wing designs had been fascinating,” states Van Nuys, CA based nail singer Adriana Gutierrez.

1 employ two coats of silver glitter gel polish.

Step 2 Paint curved stripes with purple, orange and yellow jelly polish.

Step 3 Outline the stripes with black colored gel paint. Complete with gel top coat.

Step 1 Apply one coating of sheer black colored gel polish. Use a-flat brush to paint a deep V-shape round the perimeter associated with nail with white serum, within the sidewalls.

Step 2 Use a little detail brush to complete the white space with triangles in red, yellow, green, royal blue, light-blue and black gel paint.

3 Paint a silver line along the center for the nail with a stripping brush. Paint a gold triangle in the middle of the sheer black colored triangle, leaving area on all edges.

Step four Outline the gold stripe and triangle with black gel paint. Include black outlines and tiny triangles inside the gold shape. Complete with gel top coat.

1 utilize one coat of absolute black colored gel polish. Generate three diamonds down the center of nail with blue gel paint, linking the sides of each and every form.

Step two Paint two smaller diamonds inside top spot of this blue forms with purple gel paint.

Step 3 Use a micro information brush to draw diagonal white outlines from the cuticle to the middle of this nail. Paint a yellow range along the center for the nail starting at the bottom spot for the final blue shape. Fill out the remainder bad area with yellowish diagonal outlines from center on no-cost advantage.

Step Outline the center shapes with black colored gel paint. Complete with gel top coat.

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