Nail Hair Could Be The Nail Art Trend No One Needs

When it comes to nail art, you can find the looks we love (sweater fingernails!), the appearance we want to hate (colored pencil fingernails!), and also the looks we hate with a passion. Enter nail locks. Yes, you study that right. It’s the latest nail art trend to demonstrate upon our Instagram nourishes, bringing our mindless scrolls to an abrupt stop. WTF.

We now have a lot of questions. How do you eat? Tips do you really scratch an itch? Do you have to shampoo and concern your hands?

nail tresses

Needless to say, we had to dig deeper. Although this isn’t a full-blown trend, by any means, an instant search reveals some cringeworthy results. One timelapse video clip, published by Moscow-based nail art studio Nail Sunny, details the way the look is achieved, if you wish to try it home. Using manicure scissors, artificial tresses extensions are slashed to match the width of nail bedrooms and brushed through with a spoolie to get rid of kinks. Following the fingernails are coated with a base shade that closely resembles the color associated with the tresses, the extensions tend to be after that honored the ideas of nails.

One post even reveals fingertip fuzz becoming fashioned with an appartment iron. Cringing yet? Consider even more below.

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Genuinely, this may be many bizarre beauty look we’ve seen yet, though nose hair extensions in a come close next.

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