Rainbow Drops Drag Marble Nail Art

Excuse decreased articles recently, dudes. As a result of the existing tragic globe events, it’s challenging keep performing ‘business as usual’. Hundreds of individuals from various countries have accompanied our calm protest, and undoubtedly huge numbers of people protesting up against the war in their own personal techniques. Sadly, the disputes continue. Therefore today’s ‘Rainbow Drops’ drag marble nail art tutorial signifies my continued hope for comfort. Fundamentally peace can come, like a rainbow constantly employs rain. In the interests of the families and people trapped inside assault, we sincerely wish it occurs eventually.

This nail design is not too difficult to do. But if it’s your first attempt at drag marbling, it’s worth practising on a practice wheel or a piece of dense report first. As soon as you get more comfortable with the technique, there’s a lot of area for experimentation! Drag marbling could be used to develop any such thing from colourful styles like today’s ‘Rainbow Drops’ to each and every day looks like these ‘Cloudy Ombre’ fingernails.


  • 6 opaque, well-pigmented nail polishes in rainbow colours
  • Opaque white nail polish
  • Needle
  • Top coat & base coat

HOW inside:

  1. Apply 2 coats of opaque white nail polish on all nails. Allow it to dried out for 5-10 minutes but don’t allow it to dried out entirely.
  2. today, work one nail at a time. You’ll have to work rapidly therefore first prepare most of the tools in addition to colored polishes you’ll use to create the rainbow falls. Put ample drops of colored nail polishes on an item of report. Put the dotting device and needle alongside them. Now, paint one nail with a 3rd level of opaque white polish and rapidly include colored specks of overlapping polish as pictured.
  3. With a needle, gently pull the colourful dots in one single direction. Do not use many pressure, your aim is always to drag the dots to not ever scrape your nail.
  4. Repeat actions 2 & 3 on all nails.
  5. Clean across the cuticles. If needed and secure your design with a generous level or two of quick drying top layer. Allow enough time for your design to dry.


Pre-owned:Orly Nailtrition as a base coating, SeaSiren Cosmetics Leucosia (white), Ulta3 polishes – Calypso Holyday (azure), Mojit (green), unique Canary (yellow), Peach haven (coral), Sunset Pink (green) and Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat. Putting on ‘Precious Stones’ midi band.

Perhaps you have tried performing drag marble nail art styles before? Are you currently keen to try this ‘Rainbow Drop’ appearance?

If you do test it, be sure you tag @So_Nailicious in your image on Instagram, I’d like to visit your work!

– Maria, xx

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