5 Cute and Easy Toe Nail Designs

Nail art is one way of adding beautiful colors to your life.

It is very common among us ladies that we tend to focus more, or I must say completely on the dress, hair, and hands. We just wear some nice sandals in the end and rush off. Here’s where we make a mistake. When wearing sandals, your toes are exposed to the people around you. Even when you wear flip-flops or go barefoot at a beach, your complete foot is visible.

We normally tend to show less interest in painting our toes and just color the toenails with any plain shade or sometimes we don’t even do that.

It’s time to give importance to our legs and show off our beautiful foot. And I guess, every woman out there wants to look flawless from head to toe.

Nail Art is not just restricted to hands. You can have a variety of toenail design to make your legs beautiful.

5 Adorable and Fun Toe Nail Designs

1. Sparkly


Add a little sparkle to your look with this sparkly nail design. It will give a nice girly touch to your basic nail paint. This is an eye-catching and easy to create toenail design. This sparkly nail design will spice up any nail design.

White color can be a perfect base as any colors will blend excellently with it.  This look is very easy to create and can be you festive design this season.

2. White Flowers

White flowers

Credits: richenail5

When it’s spring celebrate with floral designs. White flowers give the feel of daisies. But you can always choose to replace it with any other colorful flowers. This design goes perfectly with the spring

This design is best done on the nude base. Use a dotting tool to make flowers.

3. Beach Design

Beach Theme

It’s time to express your creativity on nails. This summer use your nails as canvas and draw palm trees! This is a perfect beach-inspired toenail design. It will give a unique look to your nails.

So, it’s time to take your nails on a vacation.

4. Polka Toes

Polka Toes

One of the simplest and easiest ways to design your nails is with polka dots. It is less time consuming as all you need is a base color and dotting tool to draw dots.

Use different colors and patterns for polka dots. So, be creative!

5. Colorful Glitters

Colorful Toes

Glitter nail polish is what every girl needs. Use bright and vibrant colors for the base coat. Apply different colors on different toes and then add magic with the glitter nail polish.

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